Naughty girl...

A naughty little dream.
I was a toy between two.
Cocks filling my every hole.
Bodies slapping loudly in the wetness.
Cum gushing from my pussy.
Cum streaming down my throat.

Naughty girl.

Making myself squirt on your cock...

My hips grind into you,
Pressing my clit against you.
Rubbing my heat into you.
Your throbbing cock is deep inside me.
My pussy starts to convulse.
It's heated wet walls suck you in deeper.
My clit, like a hard pebble, grinding into you,
As the strained moans of my lust surround you.
I fall over the edge, tumbling into the bliss,
As my pussy showers you with it's love.

Pleasuring you...

My mouth wants your cock..
To feel every vein,
Grazing against the flesh of my tongue,
As I pleasure you.
My hair wants to feel your hands in it.
Guiding me.
Taking me to your pleasure.
My ears want to hear your moans.
Telling me the pleasure is near.
My throat wants to feel you throbbing,
As you feed me your desire.

I ache for you...

Sitting here waiting.
Needing your cock.
The feel of it.
The taste.
The smell.
Desire wells up inside me.
I begin to ache.
My mouth waters.
My pussy drips from the sheer need.
The need for your cock inside me.
Becoming part of me.
The minutes tick by,
I ache for you.