Kiss me...

My pussy lay before you,
Bald, smooth and inviting.
My lips, beg for your kiss.

Slowly you lower your face,
Your lips are inches from mine.
And you feel the heat,
Radiating from my tender lips.

Desire flows into lust.
You can hesitate no longer.
Your lips envelope mine.
Your tongue kisses into them,
As if you were kissing my mouth.
Slowly searching between my lips.
Searching for my lust.

My breath quickens, inviting you in.
Your tongue delves further.
Looking for my desire,
While feeding your own carnal need.

Desire found, I arch my hips upward.
My lips kiss you back,
As your tongue digs into me,

Together we search for the cum.

"Good girl", You tell me.
"Cum for me, baby", You beg of me,
Between my moans of shear desire,
I hear the wicked words.
That push me over the jagged edge.
And I cum.

My body shakes.
The juices of my lust for you, flow free.
And you consume my liquid desire.

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